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The Mad Hueys is a fishing clothing and surf clothing company all about getting up in the morning, looking out the window and saying I'm the maddest Huey in this joint.  No barney, no wave, no fish, no boat, no rod, no person, no party can stop us, 'cause we run with the deepest pack in the business.  And just in case you forgot what it was, it's The Mad Fucking Hueys.

The Mad Hueys specialize in fishing clothing for men (don’t worry ladies, we have some fishing gear for you too).  Get your fishing t-shirts, fishing hats, fishing videos and go HAM with the Hueys!  Put on your mad hueys anchor t-shirt, your Hueys captains hat, grab your board and your rod and go  MAD, Mad Hueys style.

Check out The Mad Hueys blog to get your fill of laughs.  The Mad Hueys fishing blog is the best in the business.  We’re posting new fishing video, new fishing babes, new surf clips and a whole lot more madness daily on The Mad Hueys blog.  Check the latest shark attack video with Hazza cage diving with a tiger shark!